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AI Generated
Film Clips


1 week turn around!

Need a mind blowing video done fast and cheap?


You've come to the right place

We'll wrangle the AI to make amazing visuals for you!


Fantastic for a music video, or other  

interesting and potentially abstract videos or visuals.

Shaking Hands

What do I get?

> One interesting unique video less than 5 minutes long.

How does it work?

> Fill out the form

> Pay the cash ($750)

> We'll send through a list of "trigger phrases" and aesthetic styles for your approval

> You approve, we press go on the generation -  this will take around 24 hours. This will create an SD video.

> We'll send that through to you, and barring any massive issues, we'll then uprez it to HD. Another 24 hour turn around here.


> We send you a 9:16, 1:1, and 16:9

> You achieve your goal.

What can't it do

> Anything really specific, particularly from a narrative perspective

> Text. AI can't do text. You can add it later or can discuss with us if you need an end frame or what have you.

> Revisions.Barring any major issue, what is generated the first time is what you get.

Music video

Thanks for submitting! Speak soon.

Shaking Hands
Two Men Shaking Hands

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our valued clients:

Business Man

"I used The Meeting
Tree's services, and now I am successful"

- Rufus

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