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Shaking Hands

Have a message that you need to cut through?


An ad for your business? A political statement that needs to be heard?​ Want to piss someone off?

The Meeting Tree produce and publish audio ads that generate action, for better or for worse.

1 week turn around!



Advertising that provokes

What do I get?

> One 15-45 second long audio advertisement

> Includes custom made music/"jingle" by The Meeting Tree

> Published on The Meeting Tree podcast to an audience of 2k-5k engaged Gen-Z and Millennial trend setters and early adopters (sickcunts

> You own full rights to the audio to use however you want.

> BUT here's the catch. No revisions. What we make is what you get (other than genuine mistakes). Trust us.

How does it work?

> Fill out the form

> Pay the cash ($750)

> We'll send you the ad within 14 days for approval

> We'll publish to the podcast


> We'll send you the audio, including instrumental and VO as seperate tracks

> You achieve your goal.

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Shaking Hands
Two Men Shaking Hands

Yes, we did Engadine Maccas.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our valued clients:

Business Man

"I used The Meeting
Tree's services, and now I am rich"

- Business man

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